Muswell Hill Pilates

Come to us for Private Lessons, Duet Lessons or for one of a variety of Group Classes. We’ll have something to suit you.


The most beneficial route to learning pilates –  especially if you have little, or no prior experience. These are 5 private sessions, that are key to getting a good foundation in Pilates, and a pre-requisite for complete beginners to join one of our Group Classes.

This introductory course allows us to:

  •  Go through an initial consultation
  •  Evaluate your posture
  •  Explain the principles of Pilates
  •  Identify which exercises will benefit your body (and which will not)
  •  Familiarise you with the equipment
  •  Ensure that you exercise safely and within your own limits


The cost of the introductory course is the same as paying for individual private lessons. £360 if you pay of the course in 1 payment, or £75 per lesson.


A Beginners Course in a group setting. This is for people with little or no pilates experience, or who want to re-visit some of the basic elements of pilates. The course will lay a solid foundation for good pilates practice, as well as getting you familiar with the large machines in the studio. The course aim is to prepare you for joining one of our group classes. 


Course Duration – 4 weeks

Cost £120


For more specialist help to take into account any issues or concerns you may have, or just because you deserve it! Private tuition as it should be. Using any piece of equipment or machine we need to.


One of us and 2 of you. Similar to our Private Lessons, and still intimate enough to get good, focussed work.


A clever mix of machine, mat and small prop work that allows you to try different pieces of equipment. These are teacher led classes, and each week is a different programme. These groups require like-levelled bodies.

Maximum of 5 to ensure high supervision.


A different type of group class. You’ll come in and work in the studio in parallel with other people. This suits people who like or need a programme to work to. The teachers look at you individually to make corrections, enhancements and new exercises.

Maximum of 4 to ensure high supervision.


Set in our large studio room downstairs. These are traditional, general level matwork classes.

Maximum of 12.