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We have had some upgrades! After 27 years we have a new name and a new owner. The team is the same. The passion is the same. But now with renewed focus and energy to take the studio forward.

Started by Karen Smith in 1998, MH Pilates is one of the oldest traditional pilates studios in London. Our studio, nestled in the leafy suburb of Muswell Hill, has incredible panoramic views of north London, and is only a short distance from the bustling and fashionable high street.

Tarun and Suneeta Chadha, who have owned and run the successful studio Pilates by the Green for over 20 years, bring their enthusiasm and vast experience.

“We have lived in Muswell Hill for over 20 years and are really pleased to be taking on the stewardship of this great studio. Our aim is to be as welcoming and friendly as possible.

It’s important to us that, initially, you don’t feel intimidated by all the equipment and principles of Pilates. Then, as you continue with Pilates, to feel part of the studio, to feel valued, and importantly to see that you are progressing.”


Our Instructors

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Get to know the dedicated and experienced Pilates instructors who bring passion and expertise to our team, committed to guiding you on your wellness journey.


I was a serious martial artist for many years; sparring competitively, teaching in my free time and involved with my National Association. However, I have suffered back pain for as long as I can remember and sustained a serious back injury in 1998. Pilates got me back into training, and though it was the exact opposite of what I thought exercise should be, I saw the benefit of the discipline of controlled and intelligent movements. Pilates allowed me 10 more years of high impact martial arts that I feared were gone forever. It is this experience of being able to continue what I loved most that drives the way I teach pilates. My passion is to get people better and to get them to do activities they think are beyond them. It’s far more rewarding than the sales job I had in the City.


I have been teaching Pilates since 1999 and qualified at the renowned Body Control Pilates Association when it was still in its infancy. This is my second studio, and was opened in 2006. Previously I had a studio in a large physiotherapy clinic, where I gained most of my experience in rehabilitation and remedial work. I trained in Classical Ballet in my early 20’s, and have always been interested in fitness and movement. After University, I moved to London and worked as an aerobics teacher and personal trainer. I wanted to find a form of exercise that would benefit all bodies and involve more focussed body movement, and so, I found Pilates. I live in Muswell Hill with my husband, 3 daughters and dog, Haggis


I have been exercising all my life. As a child I did ballet, contemporary dance and jazz dance. When I became an adult I started going to the gym. I also did some yoga classes but later on, when I first tried Pilates I truly fell in love. I began to feel hip pain after I had my child and I knew Pilates was the answer to my problem. After only several classes my hip pain was long gone. This made me realise that Pilates was the right thing for me and I knew that I had a passion for it straight away. From then I decided to study Pilates and become a professional Pilates teacher. For me, Pilates is a journey, teaching me the possibilities and wonders of the beautiful human body. I take in my clients problems and worries and I do everything I can to teach them the true potential of their bodies.
Muswell Hill Pilates Instructor - Sandra


Sandra qualified as a matwork pilates teacher in 2002 and a reformer teacher in 2008 so has over 20 years of experience. She enjoys helping individuals, duets and classes and is accomplished at using a range of equipment to help clients achieve their potential. Sandra keeps her skills up to date and has special interests in antenatal and postnatal pilates, scoliosis and osteoporosis. She is also qualified as a barre instructor. She has many regular and long-standing clients of all ages and abilities due to her friendly and approachable manner.
Muswell Hill Pilates Instructor - Marla


I’ve been in the fitness industry for 30 + years I originally qualified with Polestar Pilates & more recently with Body Control Pilates- I love what I do & seeing what it does for other peoples bodies. I teach small groups & private sessions.
Muswell Hill Pilates Instructor - Pam


I am a qualified comprehensive Pilates instructor and sports and remedial massage therapist.

I trained at Kentish Town Pilates Studio – in mat-work with Allison Swan and in apparatus with Monika Zarebska, both of whom are Pilates Foundation trained. I belong to the Pilates Professional Group, which was set up by the founding members of the Pilates Foundation.

I grew up in South Africa, where I enjoyed my sports, especially tennis and hockey. After completing a Sports Science degree, I moved to England and worked as a personal trainer and then a school teacher. I went on to do a Fine Arts degree. I am now a Pilates teacher, sports and remedial massage therapist, practising artist and mother of two young children.

I enjoy working with my clients to enable them to move well without fear or pain. I love meeting people from different walks of life and combining this with my continuing interest in the human body. I have particular experience in working with older people, pre and post-natal women and sports men and women.
Muswell Hill Pilates Instructor - Philip


I’m a qualified Pilates Instructor and Sports Massage Therapist of 22 years and have been teaching Pilates mat classes since 2006, working with clients of all ages, fitness levels & abilities. My approach treats the body’s movement holistically, and focuses on building strength and mobility.

I have an interest in current research in movement and biomechanics in general and specifically strength and conditioning.

I’m also a keen climber, and lover of TRX training.
Muswell Hill Pilates Instructor - James


I have always led an active life, involving many different sports and outdoor activities. In 1997 I tried Pilates and was amazed by the benefits: improved quality and ease of movement, increased flexibility, greater strength and fewer injuries. I was hooked and have continued regular Pilates ever since. I believe that Pilates has counteracted the effects of a high-pressure, largely sedentary job as a barrister and been the main factor enabling me to continue my active lifestyle. I promised myself that one day I would train as a teacher so I could help others to benefit from Pilates and eventually did so in 2016, qualifying with Body Control Pilates. I subsequently left the Bar to concentrate on Pilates and now teach both matwork and reformer Pilates. In addition, I am a Feldenkrais ‘awareness through movement’ teacher which I believe brings a valuable extra dimension to my Pilates teaching. My passion is to help people to fully inhabit their bodies and to enjoy the many benefits that flow from this.
Muswell Hill Pilates Instructor - Gizella


I originally trained as a professional dancer. Injury led me to pilates and rehabilitation. I qualified as a pilates teacher in 1999, and as a physiotherapist in 2008.

I’m particularly keen on pre and post-operation rehabilitation exercises for neck, shoulder and hip. And since having my son four years ago, I teach pre and post natal exercises with a more thorough insight and understanding.

If I had known about Pilates in my younger years, I would probably still be dancing but injury led me to a wonderful career in rehabilitation and a life-learning creative and stimulating path into highs and lows of biomechanics of our wonderful physical body.