We have had some upgrades! After 27 years we have a new name and a new owner. The team is the same. The passion is the same. But now with renewed focus and energy to take the studio forward.

Started by Karen Smith in 1998, MH Pilates is one of the oldest traditional pilates studios in London. Our studio, nestled in the leafy suburb of Muswell Hill, has incredible panoramic views of north London, and is only a short distance from the bustling and fashionable high street.

Tarun and Suneeta Chadha, who have owned and run the successful studio Pilates by the Green for over 20 years, bring their enthusiasm and vast experience. “We have lived in Muswell Hill for over 20 years and are really pleased to be taking on the stewardship of this great studio. Our aim is to be as welcoming and friendly as possible. It’s important to us that, initially, you don’t feel intimidated by all the equipment and principles of Pilates. Then, as you continue with Pilates, to feel part of the studio, to feel valued, and importantly to see that you are progressing.”